Dear Listener,

We’re procrastinating for finals by reading about the first constellations. Google tells us it was the ancient Babylonians, but that feels too abstract. We want to know what it felt like for that first person to sit in the grass, drawing stories in the stars.

We are tracing each point of light with our own fingers, imagining what each world might hold: farmland, oceans, beautiful paintings, memories of home. We are drawing lines where we see connections.

We invite you to listen to our sky full of stories and perhaps to build your own constellations.


- ★ -


Addy Schuetz

Conversation, stories, and words of advice from 110 year old Marie.

Purloined Letters

Tammuz Frankel

A giant sloth, a rabbit who steals portfolios, and a message for Jared Kushner: a portrait of Providence-based artist Franco Colavecchia.

Part I: Syria

Lina Altaan Al-Hariri and Clare Boyle

Lina remembers her childhood home.

- ★ -

Welcome Aboard the Metro Red Line

Justin Bai

This train's final destination is North Hollywood station.

Another Tech Rabbit Hole

Erika Undeland

The ways we waste time.

Thinking Your Way to the Moon and Back

Leela Canuelas-Puri

A conversation with Dr. James Head III , a planetary geologist who worked on the Apollo missions.

- ★ -

Teenage Superstar

Jo-Ann Huynh

Three Asian American girls walk into a punk club...

Gio Underwater

Babette Thomas

"It feels like you're sort of.... floating through space."

Late Night Musings

Olivia George

It's 3:14 and I can't sleep

I'll Be On The Porch

Eve Grassfield

Dave Kuma's dreaming about the day he can sit on his porch, listen to this story, and look out at all he's grown.


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