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Managing Editors
Alex Hanesworth, Mitchell Johnson

Babette Thomas, Donia Torabian, Alina Kulman

Lauren Black, Ari Snider, Justin Bai, Anita Sheih, Zachary Zuckerman, Raina Wellman, Liza Edwards-Levin, Tiara Sharma, Wen Zhuang

Jeffrey Katz, Angie Kang, Claribel Wu, Lily Wright, Alex Westfall

Web Designer
Henry Holtgeerts

Dear Listener,

We are writing to you from the bleary fog of sleeplessness that is finals. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a dream at 3am, when we’re sitting in bed and can’t tell the difference between a half-filled draft of an essay about utopia and a lesbian porn site we have open in the next tab. It’s easy to slip into daydreams when day and night are blurred.

Our grip on reality is slipping and we’re reaching toward something. The past, the future, and each other. The dreams we look toward, the dreams we live under, the dreams that fail us. We’re grasping at small utopias: those place outside of time and space, free from the weight of the here and now. It exists--has always existed--on the edges of our world, in the gaps of the fabric. It’s full of portals into other ways of living. We call this place Dreamland.

We’re also thinking about our dreams for Now Here This and the possibilities that lie on our horizon. In a few days, some of us are leaving for the “real” (post-grad) world. Ari, Lauren, Mitchell--we will miss you dearly. We can’t help but want to pull you back for a least another moment, to keep dreaming with us.

And to you, dear listener, in listening to these stories we hope that you feel the same freedom to dream.

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