Dear Listener,

We’re dreaming about the coming spring. This might be the waves of Pisces season talking, but in this dream, we are sitting in a field of daisies, the dew on the grass, whispering about how we want to be remembered.

We want our tombstones to be covered in drawings of shrimp and a favorite journal entry. We want our great-grand kids to stand around it and talk about how we met our partner through a glitch on tinder. But our memories come in flashes and hazes--sometimes they look us straight in the eye, other times they shift and shimmer, and others they disappear, fading into the dirt below us.

This issue is a string tied around our fingers to mark the things we love and the ways we love them, the things we want to remember as people and as a people. It’s not about utopian visions of the past—it’s about the traces that we will carry with us. This issue is our past tapping us on the shoulder, saying, “you dropped this.”

We hope you will remember listening.

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